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Better Days – Ayanbiyi


Ayanbiyi, a gospel music singer and recording artist, makes a comeback with the alluring single “Better Days” and an accompanying music video.

The song is meant to uplift a downcast spirit and lead it into a state of solace, tranquility, rest, completeness, and joy.

This song’s melody and words will touch you in a manner that only God can.

Oluwafunmike l’yelu, a gospel singer and songwriter, provides the song’s background vocals.




Lyrics: Better Days By Ayanbiyi

I’ve been trying for so long
Praying for a better day
But the sun no dey shine
Just dey make me feel so sad

I’ve been searching for so long
Looking for a better place
But things no dey fine
Just dey make me feel so sad

Verse 1:
Huh paddy me
I no say the country hard
But why you know surrender your life to Christ
Gbogbo gba lon sun cafe

Now na drugs you dey carry
Cocoa burst for your belle then you come kpai
There is this young homie
Wey dey live next door

He wan make money by force
Naso he go do rituals
Two years after baba alawo kpai
Naso the guy run mental

Jo ronu piwada kotope
Cos tomorrow maybe too late
Eni lari a mola
Diro mo oluwa nigba ishoro

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Masunkun mo ore mii
Please wipe your tears
You apply for visa many times
But no luck even too chop na problem for you

You go to school and graduated
But still no job
Ore bi Jesu kosi
Sunmo oluwa

Kode gbadura laisimi
What profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his
Own soul the more you go through the stronger you become remember Jesus loves you
Never give up on your dreams

Stay strong through the pain
And trust in the lord huh

Repeat Chorus

Now is a better day (4x)


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