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Breaking News: Rob Westall Finally Exposes Who he really is

singer, songwriter, Rob Westall.

Who is Rob Westall ?

I am a worship leader, singer-songwriter and recording artist from Wales in the UK. I love to creatively share the Gospel and the hope of Jesus through the songs, videos and events I’m involved in producing. Before entering the ministry full-time I worked for the BBC as a Broadcaster and Journalist, and I am now broadcasting the Good News through the work I’ve been called to do.

Working with the BBC as a Journalist. Tell us more about this and your experience there.

I worked in news and sport on radio mainly and also online. It was a demanding and varied role with long and unpredictable hours, but also exciting and rewarding. Every day was different and had it’s own unique set of challenges. Covering breaking news stories, Premier League football matches etc. I worked with some super talented people. I thought I’d be there for the rest of my career, but God had other plans and the skills I gained and enhanced during my time there are now used in the ministry today.

Also share with us about the ‘Social Distancing Live’ and how this came about?

Social Distancing Live was a live streaming show I created and presented on social media during the Coronavirus lockdown. It streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter every weekday night for around three months, culminating in an online music festival. We saw people come to know Christ, other to return to their relationship with Him and it also encouraged those who already had faith.

It came about because I lost all my bookings and had to cancel my tour, due to the Coronavirus lockdown here in the UK. So, I decided to do an online gig featuring songs from my debut album  ‘Born to Worship.’ A lot of people tuning in were people who would never go to church in a million years and I asked God what it was all about. So, it developed from there. I interviewed other Christian musicians, worship leaders and people in the ministry and invited them to share their music, message and testimonies. It all pointed to Jesus and at the last count over 42,000 people watched the shows. It was incredible to see how God used so many of us together for His glory and His purposes.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Essentially they are songs inspired by God that help people express their hearts back to Him. The songs are downloaded from times of worship and crafted from there. The lyrics are deliberately simple, directed to God and full of Biblical truth, with direct quotes of scripture in some cases. The idea is that it helps people remember who God is and what He has done for them and apply these truths to their lives. The songs are sung at churches here in the UK and also are played on radio stations around the world. The recordings are as big sounding as possible with orchestration, electronic music, guitars, bass and drums, because God is worthy and I can do a stripped back acoustic or alternative styled version of the song afterwards. No style of music is off the table, because God is worthy to be worshipped in every available style, but I don’t think about it too much and simply pursue the sound I’ve been inspired to follow with my team.

So, you have been nominated for Four Categories at TMMP Awards which you were selected by the top UK media platforms. This is indeed magnificent achievement and A massive congratulations.. How do you feel about this?

It really is incredible. In short, I feel extremely blessed because there are some real heroes and people with much bigger profiles and connections than me, who I have been nominated alongside. I want the songs to get out there to as many people as possible, because of where the songs were downloaded and born and who they point to. So, I hope that these nominations help to give the music greater exposure and that they are heard by people who need to hear them the most.

As a believer, what was your thoughts about Covid and the lockdown? Do you feel the body of Christ could have done more?

Firstly, Covid has affected so many lives in so many awful ways, even those who have been fortunate not to get ill with it. The lockdowns have been tough to deal with mentally and not seeing family or friends, has also been tragic. That’s without mentioning the impact it has had on health workers, employment and business owners. The repercussions and impact of everything that has happened may not be obvious for many years to come.

I was unfortunate to get Covid just over a month ago and despite having both vaccines, I got quite ill and ended up in hospital, but thankfully didn’t require treatment. It was a traumatic experience for my children especially. Also, for my wife and I, and we are still not completely back to normal. Facing death, the real possibility of death, in the midst of a global pandemic, causes us to think about our eternal destination. So, I think what has happened presents a great opportunity to creatively communicate the Gospel with a world that has been forced to face its own mortality.

In terms of the body of Christ doing more? I’m not sure. It certainly forced many churches to press pauseand forced many churches to face up to what they were actually doing and why. Some were able to use technology, that has been there for years to reach more people. I don’t think live streaming and the potential it provides to communicate the Gospel would have been tapped into so much had it not been for the lockdown. I loved the expression of creativity many churches used to still have fellowship and worship together.

As things open up, the body of Christ is now, I believe, at a crossroads. Do we simply want to go back to how things were before? Or do we need to realign our heart, mind and soul to seek God for what His plan and purpose is for the new season ahead. Because I for one do not want to miss out on what’s to come.

What has been your worst experience as an artist?

I’m a pretty positive person, nothing springs to mind, but when you are pioneering and doing something new, it often meets a lot of resistance from people who are on the same side. So, when that happens it saddens me.

What has been your greatest moments as an artist?

I think those are yet to come J

What’s the biggest platformed you performed at and how was the experience?

A Christian music festival called CreationFest in the UK. It was a great experience and as well as playing the Big Top stage, we also recorded a song inside a hot air balloon.

If you were to choose one artist to collaborate with, Who would you most like to collaborate with?

That’s a difficult one. I’m up for collaborating and working with as many people as possible as you learn so much. So, if I have to choose one, then I think Sir Paul McCartney from a songwriting point of view. He is a songwriting legend and has so much experience.

So, this is the chance to tell all the Nigerian and Africa audience what is the next step and what should we expect from Rob Westall?

If somebody wants to helpmake it happen then expect me to come to Nigeria on tour with the band 😉

I have a new album coming out later this year and will giving the 360 Gospel Network audiences some of the songs in advance. It’s called 1,000 Voices and features over 1,000 voices recorded individually in lockdown in different languages all praising God. It also has spoken word, poetry and scripture and features a lot of collaboration with other Christian artists. We are also organizing a tour in 2022, and by the help of 360 Gospel Network Management, we shall be in Africa.

You and your team also offer songwriting consultation for aspiring artists and sessions for those who would like to start to write songs or lyrics. Tell us a bit more about this and how people can sign up to this.

It’s quite simple. We are passionate about helping people express their hearts to God. If you’re a Christian artist or worship leader then we can also help, especially with production, video and PR etc. It all begins with an informal chat to see if we are the best people to help you and we take it from there.

What is one message you would give to your fans? Any shoutouts?

God knows you better than you know yourself, has a perfect plan and purpose for your life and desires and loves you! Shoutout to 360 Gospel Network for this great opportunity and to a brother and friend  Eric Reverence – good luck for the tour to Nigeria brother!

Where can people find you?

My website: www.robwestallmusic.com

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: @robwestallmusic

I’m also on all the main streaming sites such as Spotify, iTunes etc.



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