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Godiya by Mallam Razphil Featuring Solomon Lange


Mallam Razphil Entertainment is thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of the single “Godiya,” performed by the renowned Mallam Razphil, an exceptional musical talent originating from Northern Nigeria. This extraordinary composition proudly features none other than the esteemed Solomon Lange, resulting in a truly remarkable collaboration.


“Godiya” transcends the boundaries of mere music; it is a harmonious fusion of two distinct sonic experiences, carrying a message of gratitude that inspires. The lyrics seamlessly switch between Hausa and English, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience. This poetic craftsmanship goes beyond language, inviting all listeners to partake in and embrace the song’s compelling message, leaving them captivated and inclined to press the replay button.


The inception of this single finds its roots in unwavering faith in the Divine, particularly in light of recent events. “Godiya” stands as a fervent prayer of thanksgiving, serving as a poignant reminder that God’s omnipotence and faithfulness have no limits. It is a heartwarming testament to the continuous blessings we receive, an enduring reaffirmation that gratitude should eternally fill our hearts.



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