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Music: Francis Armah – “No One Else”


Francis Armah releases a new song called “No One Else” which brings a new dynamic to worship.

This fun track oozes with the Afrobeats sound, it talks about life experiences and determines that there is none like God.

The enticing vibes enable this song to be for everyone, as an experience, leaving the listener yearning for more.

Francis explains that this song was written when he was turning his life around and is a testimony onto himself.

“To lead people in worship is a testimony. God could of chose anyone but he chose me. “

He further explains life is a testimony and forever there are lessons in everyday life to learn, Francis continues to fix his eyes on God and testifies “you alone are God”.

He even finds that when listening to this song he too gets lost in the music and feels uplifted and begins to enjoy himself.

Enjoy the music which will have you moving in no time.

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